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Please call us for additional information about your estate sale!!


Mary Scott  (281) 507-8576

How WE can help YOU!!

TWO MOMS ESTATE SALES serves the Houston and surrounding areas providing full service liquidation of your estate. Whether you're moving, downsizing, or have lost a loved one, let Two Moms take the "overwhelming feeling" out of this experience. We stage, price, advertise and, if you chose, we'll remove all unsold items after the sale so you have an empty house. You just relax and know that everything is being taken care of.

Please contact us today for a free initial consultation. We look forward to helping you with your estate sale needs.

References available upon request.

Click on the "UPCOMING SALES" tab at the top for a summary of our future sales and the specific sales/dates tabs for details about each sale as well as inventory available.

Mary Scott 281-507-8576

Some before and after photos...

What our clients are saying about us...


"Thank y'all for all the help.  It felt like such a daunting task and y'all alleviated so much stress and anxiety for me."

 A. L. - Katy

"You guys really have impressed me and I'm not easily impressed."

K.J. - Houston

                         "Mary did a wonderful job with my parent's estate sale - from answering the phone when I first called on a Sunday morning to presenting us with an envelope of receipts detailing everything that sold at the end.  She organized a big house that held almost 50 years of treasures and the sale was a success.  Mary knows the value of antiques and was fair with her pricing.  Every cupboard was full and she did a beautiful job organizing and presenting the furniture and small items.  Mary even put aside a few things that she found and thought the family would want as a keepsake.  Two Moms Estate Sales is a professional, kind and sensitive business.  We could not have done it without them!"

C. H. - Houston

" Mary I love your ad!!  It is written wonderfully.  You make me want to come shop!!"

C.C. - Spring

"Thank you so much! You really have a ministry that has helped us so much!"

S.M. - Houston

"Thank you Mary, I appreciate how easy you made this process for us and keeping me updated in everything"

S.F. - League City

"Mary, you and your staff were a blessing when it came to helping us with my parent's sale!"

P.S. - Pasadena, TX

"Thanks Mary very much thanks for the positive work during a difficult time!"

B.L. - Houston, TX

"You made it straight forward and easy for us"

D.M. - Houston, TX

"You made a sad situation very doable...we trusted you completely."

P.M. - Alvin, TX

"You made it a positive experience for us and we really appreciate it."

C.B. - Katy, TX

"I will tell everyone that you are an answered prayer finding a new home for years of "stuff."  And an absolute delight to work with!"

K.A. - Houston, TX

"You run a very honest and trustworthy business helping families in liquidating household items...the check summary and statement arrived today.  Thank you for being so prompt in settling up the sale.  It was a pleasure working with you."

C.E. - Houston, TX

"I can't believe the hard and meticulous work you put into your business.  Nothing short of amazing.  Thank you so much."

R. R. - Dallas, TX

"It was a very hard process for me.  I so appreciate your compassion and professionalism...from your entire team.   I am not sure what I would have done without y'all!"

B.K. - Houston, TX

"You are incredibly organized!!  OMG!  Things look great!  Wow!  That's all I have to say.  I can hire you to organize my new place."

J.S. - Houston, TX

"You had come highly recommended when we met, and you have more than lived up to your reputation."

J.S. - Houston, TX

"You made a silk purse out of a sow's ear"

J.K. - Seabrook, TX

"Thanks again for the great job...and for your professionalism & great communication.  It was a pleasure working with you!!"

N.B. - Cypress, TX

What sets Two Moms apart from others is the "personal touch" they have.

R.T. - Houston, TX

"Julie, just saw the ​site and you have exceeded our expectations.  Thank you!! Here is to a great two days."

D.J. - Houston, TX

"You ladies are easy to work with!"

 N.N. (customer) - South Houston, TX

"I had the great pleasure of meeting (Two Moms) this past weekend at Pearland's event and (they) were very helpful and accommodating. Mary has a fantastic way of meeting/greeting/and working with clients. It's been a pleasure getting to know Mary and I'm looking forward to doing more business with "Two Moms" in 2016."

T.A. (customer) - Pearland, TX

"...and thank you to the moon and back!!! You guys were amazing!!!"

D.A. - Houston, TX

"Dear World:  During last summer, I was having lunch with a friend and lamenting the fact that I needed to have an estate sale. My father had died and the need was immediate. I was in no mood to have "yet another" estate sale because I had already had two such sales and just couldn't see having a third. She suggested I contact Two Mom's Estate Sales. She told me that she had vetted many potential estate sale persons and they were her number one choice. I was amazed that such a business existed.  So, I contacted Two Mom's. They immediately got back with me and we set up a time to meet. I thought once they saw the amount and quality of stuff and the amount of chaos in my father's house, they would run away. Instead, they seemed completely calm, explained that they would be responsible for all the advertising, the pricing, everything and they would even take away anything left over after the sale. And they would do all of that for (a commission on sales). The deal seemed too good to be true. So we signed a contract.  Then my father's house sold unexpectedly (before we put it on the market) and it was even more imperative that the estate sale occur quickly and completely. So we set the date, these two wonderful moms did all the advertising, ran the sale, got rid of what didn't sell and we made a very nice sum off of the entire procedure. I honestly feel like I not only should pay them back the proceeds we received, but should pay them more on top of that for all they did.  The week after the sale I met the two moms at another person's home where they were about to have a sale. When I arrived, the homeowner looked as frazzled as I felt when I first met with the two moms. Since they had just had the sale at my dad's place, I expected them to look even more frazzled. Boy was I surprised! Not only did they not seem frazzled, they were all smiles and all excited about yet-another estate sale! It amazed me. They are meant for this business. They make the customer feel like royalty. And they made me proud of my parents' belongings.  I highly recommend Two Moms Estates Sales. They are terrific and made a very difficult "chore" into something fun, easy and lucrative!"

S.A. - Houston, TX

"Thank you!! You guys are such a blessing! Thank you for all that you have done. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I can!"

K.N. - La Marque, TX

"Thank you so much for all your hard work. You were great to work with. I never had to worry about anything...I will be sure to recommend you to anyone interested in having an estate sale."

S.P. - Pasadena, TX

"Thanks for everything. We are very blessed by your service."

V.R. - Katy, TX

"Y'all are awesome! We will definitely spread the word."

C.W. -Katy, TX

You were "very professional in the manner in which you handled the sale. We appreciate what you did" and "are very satisfied".

H.C. - Cypress, TX

"THANKS for the GREAT results - for sure exceeded our expectations"

J.H. - Katy, TX

"Y'all were very wonderful...very organized"

J.B. - Spring, TX

"So organized...really brought the people out...I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you"

N.S. - Katy, TX

"You guys are amazing" and "It was a delightful experience."

S.P. - Houston, TX

"Many thanks for such a wonderful job at our recent estate sale. You are so easy to work with, and we were amazed by your professionalism. Thanks for making a transition period in our lives so much easier."

C.W. - Houston, TX

"I want to thank you for the outstanding job Two Moms did on our estate sale. Walking into the house afterwards I was amazed. You truly 'say what you mean - and mean what you say'. You have absolutely no idea how much you took off our shoulders. I compliment Two Moms for your very hard work, honesty, and communication skills. Communication is very important and you were always available."

C.M. - Houston, TX

"I can not begin to tell you how much you have done for us. Not just the sale, but taking the stress away. When I didn't know what to do or who to trust, your 'Two Moms' name popped up and you were the answer to my prayers. I didn't know what I was going to do about the going back and forth from Lake Charles to Houston to have this sale. I can't explain it, but I knew when I handed you the key, you would take care of my mom's house. Julie and Mary are angels in disguise."

              B.Y. - Lake Charles, LA

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